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What Is the HoopBootTM?

A locking device for your basketball hoop.  Protection for your property.

Who Needs This?

Schools, Playgrounds, Parks,

Recreation Centers, Churches, Private Homes


Reduce Liability

Stop Trespassers

Avoid Vandalism

It's your hoop, let them play when you want to and not when you don't.

HoopTag lets you put durable vinyl to the work. You'll find that the most rugged tag material brings you the best, longest-lasting message for your HoopBoot. These tags are helpful to let your customer know that the basketball goal is closed for a temporary time and you can write a message on it so they’ll know who to contact for more information. These tags will resist moisture, abrasion and normal wear, so your tag can be used or re-used with your HoopBoot indoors or outside in all weather conditions. Write on these tags for a clear, easy-to-read message - this tag is going to work harder for you.

  • These tags work best in tough environments, resisting weather and wear.
  • Hang these tags with a nylon or rugged wire loop on your equipment.
  • Designs with a write-on surface.
  • Tear resistant
Customized from PACLOCK's 200A Series Padlock, Buy American Act Compliant, 5.5" Tall Hardened Steel Shackle, High Security 6-Pin Cylinder, w/ 2 Keys, Orange or Black Anodized Aluminum.
  • Hardened Steel which prevents rusting
  • Cut resistant
  • “Security Pins” that thwart would be attacker’s attempts to get into your lock
  • "Hardened Stainless Steel” shackle which is as strong and as rust-proof as you can get
  • Brass Cylinder with Anti-Pick and Bump Resistant

200A Series Aluminum Padlock, High Security Rekeyable Brass Cylinder with Anti-Pick and Bump Resistant Technology Made in USA of U.S. and global components The “200” Series family of products from PACLOCK are beefy with its large body and shackle. Its 3/8" diameter shackle is thick compared to most padlocks in its class and offers some of the best cut resistance. The locking mechanism is a dual ball bearing, “toe and heel,” design providing significantly better pull-force strength compared to typical “lever-lock” padlocks. The ball bearings also provide a far smoother and easier to lock/unlock experience. The 6-pin cylinder is best in class for pick, bump, rapping, or any other type of surreptitious entry attacks. These locks are guaranteed to include special “security pins” that thwart would be attacker’s attempts to get into your lock. The shackle is made from a good quality hardened steel and is plated to industry standards which helps prevent rusting. If your padlock will be seeing tough weather, PACLOCK strongly encourages you to upgrade to our “Hardened Stainless Steel” shackle which is as strong and as rust-proof as you can get. CNC machined for U.S. precision and reliability; the lock body exceeds +/-0.003” tolerances for repeatable quality.

Note: Use the Contact form below to order locks Keyed alike.

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New HoopLock! $30.00 w/free shipping

New Vinyl HoopTag $10.00 and free shipping to USA.

3.375 x 5.875

Easy to put up or take down

Because good locks make good neighbors 336.294.6314

Your Court, Your Rules

Have you had this problem? You put up a basketball hoop for the enjoyment of your family, friends or customers and the next thing you know is that you’re the neighborhood hangout.

That’s fine as long as you want it, but what about when you don’t?  How do you stop others from using your basketball hoop when you don’t want them too?

Well, I had that exact same situation and I discovered there wasn’t anything on the market to help me.  So I invented The HoopBoot.

The HoopBoot lock is a simple and attractive device made of steel that installs easily slides over the entire basketball rim and then you simply apply a lock to it.  Done!  No more trespassing, vandalism or unwanted visitors.  Apply the lock and forget it because unless someone brings a blow torch with them, they won’t be using your property without your permission.

Schools, playgrounds, parks, recreation centers, churches, private homes, you name it!

Anyone who wants to take control of their property will appreciate this product.

The HoopBoot not only gives you peace of mind, but it may also remove the liability if someone is hurt on your property unauthorized.  We put up fences to stop others form using our pools so why not lock your basketball hoop to prevent unauthorized use.

Size is 22x13x4 and Fits Most Basketball Goals.  Made of steel the HoopBoot comes in orange.  Easy to install and remove.  Wind and weather resistant, this means the HoopBoot will be doing its job for many years to come.